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Meet-up with Margaux Raab, Fondeur of Niaouli

Written by Stephen Evans

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How can CEOs and HR managers check that they are projecting the right image to the labour market? What are their strong and weak points? To answer to these questions, Niaouli, the newcomer startup in the Lab, is quantifying employers branding. It was recently recognised as one of the best HR solution for QVT (Qualité de Vie au Travail) in France.

Measuring employers’ reputations

How do potential recruits perceive your company? Are your staff proud to work for you? Niaouli’s employer branding tool gives an unbiased assessment, and shows how this changes over time. This data allows you to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Organisations with a good employer brand find it easier to hire and retain staff. How can CEOs and HR managers check that they are projecting the right image to the labour market? What are their strong and weak points? How can they measure whether activity to boost the brand is being successful? Which traits can be highlighted in marketing campaigns?

Quantifying employer branding

Niaouli uses publicly available data and internal surveys to calculate a multi-dimensional, dynamic, holistic Employer Brand Score. It gauges eight key attributes to measure each organisation’s attractiveness and its ability to inspire loyalty. For the former there are metrics that measure visibility, reputation, differentiation and desire. For the latter Niaouli tests commitment, coherence, visibility and sustainability. These scores are then compared to sectoral and geographical benchmarks.

“My first business was as an independent employer branding consultant with my partner Hugo Avale,” noted Margaux Raab, Niaouli’s CEO and co-founder.
“Repeatedly we saw that clients valued the branding concept but wanted firm, clear data with which they could work,” she added.

They realised that a tech-driven tool was needed but this was not commercially available as a stand alone tool. This was the inspiration the pair needed to found Niaouli.

Synthesising, simplifying

Their application scans the web for comments, principally on sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Glassdoor, job boards, and other employment-related sites. The algorithm also takes relevant data from the employer’s human resource management system. To this are added answers from internal questionnaires supplied by Niaouli and customised by HR. This takes into account everything from the commercial ambition and professionalism of the firm, through to its stance on social responsibility and working conditions.

“The resulting Employer Brand Score is easy to read, and thus gives an effective method for measuring the return on investment of your HR activity,” said Margaux.

She compares it to Google Analytics where all KPIs are delivered in one place, with updates every month at first, but eventually with data provided in real time. Sold on a software as a service basis, clients pay a monthly fee related to the size of their firm.

LFL as a European base

Although originally based in Paris and Grenoble in France, she and Hugo Avale — the COO and fellow co-founder— chose Luxembourg as their startup base.

“Although we are focusing on the French and Benelux markets during the first phase, we have wider ambitions long term, and Luxembourg is ideal for that development,” she explained.

The firm was founded in June 2019, with the full commercial launch due in the middle of 2020. Still in the beta testing phase, Niaouli is currently working with large companies, including the major French retailers Picard and Franprix. However once fully tested the tool will also be of use to smaller firms with fewer than 300 people. Longer term they see how the application could be developed to help public authorities with their branding, be it for a country, a region, or a town.

“Moving to the Lux Future Lab was the best single decision we have made,” Margaux said.
“The team is very helpful, the numerous workshops help us expand our awareness of new ideas, and they have an excellent network that we can plug into. In short, we love the environment as place to grow our startup.”
Margaux Raab, Niaouli’s CEO and co-founder

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