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Meet-up with Antoine Granjon, Fondeur of Adapti

Written by Stephen Evans

After big companies, Adapti wants now to make it easy for small e-commerce retailers to be able to adapt their sites to the interests of each user. Personalised home page will encourage customers to spend and feel affinity with the site. Tailored, easy to use! This new step slowly drives Adapti to its maturity phase only three years after its foundation.

Adapti going global

Global commercial launch is the next step for Adapti’s website personalisation tool, following three years testing, perfecting and fundraising during their time at the Lux Future Lab. We spoke to CEO Antoine Granjon who expects to have around 1,000 customers by the end of 2020.

Adapti wants to make it easy for small e-commerce retailers to be able to adapt their sites to the interests of each user. Big online firms have being doing this for years, thanks to substantial investment in technical teams. Their sites glean our age, our gender, where we live, our interests and tastes from our browsing behaviour. Using this information they present each user with a different, personalised home page which encourages customers to spend and feel affinity with the site.

Tailored, easy to use

Adapti makes such functionality available to small and medium sized businesses that will tend to lack the necessary tech expertise.

“To install clients just have to cut and paste a few lines of code, just as they do with Google Analytics,” noted Antoine.

When a user visits the site the script is activated, Adapti’s servers are contacted and within a fraction of a second they instruct the client’s site which information to present and in what format.

“Perfecting this service took us longer than anticipated, but it was essential that we made the tool as easy to use as possible, with minimal need for configuration and coding,” Antoine noted.

Indeed much of the set up is carried out automatically. Furthermore, they have made sure that the tool adapts to different types of site, offering different looks depending on the retailer: music, clothing, automotive, tourism and more. All have different needs, and these have been taken into account.

Extensive testing

Before they could serve the SME market they had to work with larger companies who had the capacity to work with them during the test phase. They cooperated with 60 major companies in France and the Benelux, including the likes of Michelin, Le Clerc Voyages, Intermarché.

Now that they have perfected their algorithms, Antoine is convinced that: “no other solution on the market is so simple to use or reasonably priced.”

The monthly fee is based on the quantity of traffic, and starts at only €10 per month.

This concept proved to be popular with investors, with the first round of capital raising completed mainly through the Luxembourg Business Angels network. A further round is currently being embarked upon to give the team the resources to make a success of the commercial launch phase. Marketing will be driven by online advertisements on Google and Facebook, as well as stirring the interest of global media. They are also looking to work with e-commerce platform vendors like Shopifi.

Meanwhile development will continue. As they receive feedback from the next round of clients they will be able to perfect the algorithm and add options for different types of organisations and geographies. Also, to successfully take the tool global they will need to adapt to different alphabets, as at the moment it only work with Latin script.

Equipped to move on

Another significant move will be to leave the Lux Future Lab. Adapti has already been there three years, and this brings them to the end of their time with incubator. They also need room to expand their team from the current seven plus trainees, and are set to move into larger offices in the middle of 2020.

Antoine will always be grateful for the support provided by the Lux Future Lab. From the moment it took them out of the spare room of the home of COO & CTO Bastian Jakobsen to the range of advice and support offered, the incubator have been central to Adapti’s success.

“Their recent help has been particularly useful, both in terms of finding clients willing to work with us during the test phase and helping to find investors,” noted Antoine.

His firm is now well placed as they enter the next crucial phase of their journey.

Adapti's Team

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