inject an Innovation Culture?

TIZ´s goal  is to empower, educate and engage employees to express their innovative ideas. We promote innovation and the intrapreneurial spirit and guide employees through the process of setting up a business plan, establishing proof of concept and in every step of the way until the project launch and the investor pitching. A project can be proposed by either an individual or a group from different backgrounds.

As the needs of the bank´s clients and employees change, we needed to use our biggest strength: the human resources! By fostering collective success and engaging people in becoming part of the transformation path, we make the bank greater!

This acceleration program will impulse an entrepreneurial energy and build a Change Makers community that support the new ways of working!


inject an Innovation Culture?

Lux Future Lab, part of the CSR Accelerator of BGL BNP Paribas formed a strong collaboration with the HR Department of the bank in order to foster the innovative mindset of employees within the bank and co-build a new path that would favor their entrepreneurial spirit!


How? By allowing the employees to become intrapreneurs, giving them the unique chance to unleash their entrepreneurial energy withing the bank!

The objective of TIZ is to reassemble the employees and work in multi-disciplinary teams  in order to explore new ways of working methods in their proposed projects.

Divided in 4 phases (Ideation, Validation, Acceleration and Integration) within 4 months, an intensive program awaits the intrapreneurs! They will develop their innovative ideas with a focus on positive impact on employee (GPS) or customer (NPS) experience.


Special attention will be given to projects with social and economic impact.

New Season...New Mindset

In the long term, what do we want to achieve? Employees more engaged and trained in new working methods!

We are strongly convinced that the future of our bank is in the palm of the employees´hands! As the initiators of the transformation path, they will lead their projects just like their business. Reinforced with new competences, the intrapreneurs will create a new dynamic in the heart of our bank; one innovative and responsible bank.

The reality: happy employees make clients happy! The TIZ reassures this reality with two essential ways: openness and agility!  



   “I am happy that TIZ exists – this innovative initiative needs to further seasons and it must grow in the future”

    “I really benefited from this initiative. We should certainly do it again, and in an expanded format.”

    “TIZ is an important initiative as it makes me feel more engaged regarding our bank’s future.”

    “This is great because it gives employees a voice.”

    “It allows us to break through the rules of hierarchy and helped us feel autonomous”“it gives us access to new ways of working”

    “This is a fantastic human &  professional adventure – we received precious advice and tools that can  be used in other contexts”

    “ Valuable human & professional adventure, I learned how to pitch and how to prepare a good pitch deck”  

    “It took time but it worth it. It was a really nice experience”

    “The TIZ => TYZ –  TrustYourZelf :-) a fun, dynamic & unique initiative that allows us  to express our inner innovative ideas”

    " The TIZ has been an unprecedented experience within the bank. We all found ourselves intrapreneurs with the possibility of pitch like startups.
    Then during the two days of Jam Session, we had the chance to have access to the tools and advice of Board of Innovation.
    In short, a unique opportunity for employees to support the bank in its transformation path."

    "The TIZ is a great initiative for BGL because of its innovative and disruptive approach. It allows employees to feel fully integrated within the entity and to participate in decisions in a certain way.
    It  was very pleasant to work with a hyper-motivated team (Lux Future Lab and Board of Innovation coaches). This is a good start to break silos and promote collaboration between different entities."

    “The TIZ was a great experience, from an innovation, human and social point of view and with a Tiger Team! Ready for a 2nd season!"

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