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Helping creative employees become successful entrepreneurs


Our 12-month program offered to corporations and institutions aims to help their creative employees become successful entrepreneurs.

How it Works

Participants learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur. We guide them through the process of setting up a business plan, establishing proof of concept and are there every step of the way until project launch and investor pitching. A project can be proposed by either an individual or a group and can stem from any field.

Past pursuits include high-quality chocolates, broad-based film production, biometric security, customizable credit cards and agricultural drones.

Program Phases

  1. Training, business planning & project selection (two months)
  2. Proof of concept (three months)
  3. Implementation, assessment & launch (six months)

The first two phases require no employer commitment, while the final phase asks that the employee be allowed to direct 40% of working time toward the startup project, paid for by lux future lab.

An exit from the program could either consist of a sabbatical year to focus on the startup or a part-time setup before an eventual return to the employer.

Managers generally notice that returning employees are more proactive and engaged than before.


While in the program, all participants have access to lux future lab networks and services.

  • Over 1,300 e-learning courses
  • Workshops
  • Presentations & speakers

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