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Preparing for tomorrow’s economy

lux future lab believes that all great ideas come from thinking outside of the box. We realize that this is easier said than done, so our training programs are specifically designed to foster innovation.

To have maximum impact, we offer support to individuals and startups at pivotal moments in their development. These are the resulting target groups:

Whether a teenager with a good idea or an employee ready to make a change, lux future lab
is here to support entrepreneurship in all of its forms.

Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Summer school for students: Two-week summer program where young entrepreneurs, aged 16-18, are given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills LEARN MORE
  • Intrepreneurship program for employees: Program designed to help employees take the leap and become successful entrepreneurs LEARN MORE

By connecting the extensive resources of our lab and networks with the individuals who need them most, our targeted training programs continue to support new and established entrepreneurs.