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As it has done every year since 2012, the BGL BNP Paribas lux future lab is providing young people with the opportunity to take part in its Summer School: 2 weeks, 32 youngsters, and more than 50 external presenters. The aim of the summer school is to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, while forming two essential qualities: entrepreneurial thinking and the search for excellence.

The fifth annual Summer School started Monday 18 July 2016 for two weeks. Aimed at high school students one or two years away from graduation, it is an integral part of lux future lab, with the aim to impact Luxembourg’s economic and social dynamics by emphasizing entrepreneurship and training. Over the two-week period, the students will meet with innovative entrepreneurs, committed non-profit organizations and experienced professionals that stand apart through their original approaches and a true passion for their work. The purpose of the programme is to give young participants the desire, at a decisive moment in their education, to take their future into their own hands by opening up new perspectives and conveying the message, “Love what you do, and do it well!”
Each day of the Summer School is organised around a specific subject. In addition to the range of topics addressed, sports activities and games will be organised to encourage participants to integrate and foster a sense of teamwork. Specialists from the BNP Paribas group will offer daily “good to know” tips on practical subjects such as public speaking, first aid training and CV writing. Designed in collaboration with some 50 participants from the professional and academic worlds, the programme is also based on individual support from a guidance counsellor, who helps the youngsters to fine-tune their interests and skills with a view to their future studies and career.

The day at lux future lab is entirely organised around becoming an entrepreneur. Olivier Selis presents the main activities and different startups present their business in an interactive way, such as Christophe Bianco from Excellium, Denis Kiselev from SnapSwap and the founders from Igloo.

Have a look at a the programme here.

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