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petitbambou-fb28h30 Get-together with fresh coffee and croissants
8h45 Introduction of Petit Bambou
9h30 Back to work :0)

Come along, get inspired and start your day in a friendly way.

About Petit Bambou
Petit Bambou is a leading mindfulness meditation app in Continental Europe with 380 000 users (individuals or companies). This mobile service is helping you to practice meditation regularly with helpful features and accessible & motivating content (270+ lessons with audio & video) on various themes (work, stress, serenity, let go, mindful eating, Petit BamBou Kids, positive parenting…). With a strong community of 850 000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, you can develop positive habits and book time for yourself anywhere anytime : 10 minutes of meditation per day is sufficient!

About the team
Benjamin Blasco, co-founder
Ludovic Dujardin, co-founder

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