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On March 10th, lux future lab held its third Pleased2MeetU breakfast to welcome Birdee, a FinTech company focused on providing digital investment solutions. The company presentation was made by Birdee Director Geoffroy Linard. 

The goal of these sessions is to introduce newcomers to the lfl community.

Pleased2MeetU - Birdee, Welcome breakfast

Meet Birdee

Who we are

Birdee is a FinTech company that wants to make investing easy and accessible for all by providing a new online savings management experience. It was born from an initiative of Gambit Financial Solutions, an expert in providing asset management and investment advisory solutions. The team is managed by Geoffroy de Schrevel, Geoffroy Linard and Gaël Minon.

What we do

Through our digital investment solution, everyone can invest, even without a personal fortune or advanced knowledge of finance. They can select a portfolio that supports their personal goals or an investment theme they believe in and can easily follow their investments’ performance through a clear monitoring tool.

To achieve this, we have developed two offers:

  • Birdee Institutional (B2B): Marketed to financial institutions willing to provide their clients with a digital discretionary portfolio product
  • Birdee Money Experts (B2C): A dedicated website where each & every person will be able to invest in our portfolios

What we think

When mass-affluent individuals search for a way to build their wealth, there is currently no satisfying solution. They don’t have the budget for a private banker, they don’t have the time or desire to invest themselves and saving account interest rates are way too low. There is need for a product that matches the simplicity and cash availability of saving accounts with the performance of mutual funds. That product should also be available 24/7 on any device. Birdee’s aim is to reconnect people with their money.

Where we’re headed

Birdee Institutional is already available and running well. Birdee Money Experts is about to be launched later this year. A demo version will soon be available for beta clients. In the long term, we expect to create an environment where everyone can access a simple and efficient tool to manage savings.

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