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On Thursday, January 12, 2016, lux future lab organized a “pleased-to-meet-you” breakfast. This welcome session is aimed at introducing newcomers to the lfl community, fellow members and partners.









Who we are

EMP CORP is a dynamic FinTech and innovative payment company skilled in fraud
detection and account management through virtual accounts and prepaid cards. 

Our company consists of 12 people and four business lines: 

  • Epro: Innovative way to process credit cards through e-wallet and e-money
  • CBlib card: Prepaid & reloadable MasterCard with virtual IBAN
  • CASHlib: Prepaid voucher sold in convenience stores to make internet purchases
  • TePee: Innovative payment solution for processing credit cards on a smartphone; no additional device necessary for merchants in itinerancy

EMP processed €220 million in 2015 and saw a turnover of €13.6 million.

What we do

We provide payment processing solutions for all types of merchants and e-merchants through an advanced platform that minimizes potential risks and prevents fraud. With security procedures in place, we aim to deliver a complete set of global payment methods based on card processing and e-money. 

What do we think

We believe that e-money is the future and that online payments will be made with e-wallets and e-money on smartphones. Fluidity and ease of use will be key strengths in the payment industry. 

Where we’re headed 

Our vision is to be a part of a world without cash. All payments will be digitalized and made online via a central access point: The e-wallet.

Gilles, pleased to meet you!

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