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Who we are: Igloo is a mobile community messaging app founded by four French guys who wanted to create an instant messaging solution for communities. We are focused on building a solution that is easy-to-use, useful and offers features that enhance local life, all without compromising our users’ privacy. Today, we are a team of nine motivated people from Luxembourg and France working on this project. The firm is incubated at lux future lab!

What we do: Igloo facilitates communication within communities. An igloo gathers community members in a unique space to enable conversations around a common interest or passion. Users can join an existing igloo or build a new one in a matter of seconds. We do not collect personal information to sell to advertisers. On Igloo there are no ads! Finally, users can change their identity for each igloo. We don’t limit the number of members in one igloo.

What we think: Apart from friends and family, we care most about local communities, whether built around a sport, a specific cause or a place. All of these groups still struggle to organize their communication efficiently. They use various solutions that are not suitable for dynamic interaction: SMS, pin boards, emails, etc. Even social networks are not perfect due to complicated content management, low organic reach and privacy control issues, to name but a few. Igloo aims at providing an easy-to-setup solution where all community members gather.

Where we’re headed: For the past few months, Igloo has been in “alpha mode,” but the app will be released on iOS in the next few days. Android will follow in early summer. After that, we plan to roll out additional features for all igloos and smart features, such as dynamic security alerts or assistant bots. Digital communication has not yet reached local communities, and we strongly believe that it offers tremendous potential. So it’s time for us to lend a hand and make it happen! If you want to follow our adventure, sign up to our newsletter!

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