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lux future lab interviews Expon Capital

EXPON I: An Investment Fund on a Mission

Expon Capital Partner Jérôme Wittamer dives into exponential growth & massive transformative purpose There are the standard criteria that VCs…


Petit Bambou: Building a Mindful Business

Bringing Humanity Back into the Rat Race Five years ago, Benjamin Blasco was working as a Global Business Development Director…

Lux Future Lab

BlackSwan at the Artificial Intelligence and Startups

Congratulations to BlackSwan who was invited by the European Commission last week, 9th November to the “Artificial Intelligence and Startups session”…

Growth Hacking with Petit BamBou

Women In Digital Empowerment (WIDE) organizes a networking talk on Growth Hacking with Petit BamBou. When? November, 21st at 12…

how open banking improves the customer experience

Open Banking = Happy Customers

Putting clients first to stay competitive in a world of changing expectations The concept of openness triggers varying reactions within…

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