Motion-S wins second prize CYEL

Lux Future Lab » Motion-S wins second prize CYEL

motion s-second-prize-Cyel-2016 On June 30rd, the Jeune Chambre Economique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (JCI Luxembourg) held the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL) Awards ceremony at the Cercle Cité in Luxembourg city centre.

Dr Raphaël Frank’s Motion-S won the second prize after Julien Brunel’s milepaKr, the first web platform that will connect all amateur athletes and sport competition organisers across Europe, to provide them with information and a wide range of services. Motion-S has been established in December 2014 and develops smartphone apps that make your driving safer, smarter and more efficient. Patrick Rahme’s All Square golf company won the third prize.

The CYEL Awards aim to promote new businesses and creative projects that help boost the local economy, as well as foster a pioneering spirit by supporting entrepreneurs in their endeavours to create positive changes and impact through their business concept.

Junior Chamber International, of which JCI Luxembourg has been the country’s national association since 1963, is an international NGO which has beeen organising the awards annually for ten years now. The JCI holds around 200,000 active members, constituting young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40 working together to instill positive change. 2016’s 10th Anniversary Edition is being held with the support of the Ministry of the Economy.

lux future lab team congratulates Motion-S for this great achievement and wishes them all the best.

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