Motion-S launches Cactus Fit Food Challenge

Lux Future Lab » Motion-S launches Cactus Fit Food Challenge


Motion-S is pleased to announce that they launched a new Application together with Cactus. This time it’s not a pure telematics application, but it’s a lot of fun and gamification… You can win nice prizes and the only thing you have to do is make a lot of steps and discover Luxembourg.

Give it a try and let people know about it! More information can be found here:

How does Cactus Fit Food Challenge work?

Download your free “Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016 – Outdoor Edition” app, take part in this major competition we’re running and win a whole year’s free shopping at Cactus*. As well as the main prize, there are loads of other prizes waiting for you every week!

How do you collect points?motion-s_logo

You can score points by:
• taking steps (100 steps = 1 point),
• earning badges (up to 250 points)
• correctly answering questions about our partner products (up to 30 points) and
• by visiting particular locations in Luxembourg (up to 1,500 points).

You’ll find the exact coordinates for these locations by answering questions about Cactus partner products.

For the details, visit the Cactus Fit Food Challenge website:

1st prize: a year’s free shopping worth €5,000
2nd prize: €1,500
3rd prize: €500

Practical information:fitfood_app

To take part in this competition you’ll need:
•a smartphone with iOS (iPhone 5s and version 9 or higher) or Android system (Version 4.4 or higher) and certain built-in sensors (e.g. a pedometer).
•an internet connection. Participants are responsible for any costs incurred.
•a valid email address, so we can contact you if you win a prize.

Get started and be one fo the winners!

Last but not least big up to Motion-S.

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