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The last few months have been particularly hot at the lux future lab!

Recently, 7 startups have joined our community : TheMarketTrust, Skeed, QBA Luxembourg, Goopi, Wikichemia, Pingvalue and Sybo.

Today, the lux future lab hosts 17 startups employing more than 160 people. With founders  from 11 nationalities and areas of activities as varied as electronic payments, social media, financial services, medical services, … the lux future lab is definitively a great place to develop innovative projects in a dynamic environment.

logoSYBO Games is an independent game development studio, co-creators and IP right owners of one of the most played apps in the world Subway Surfers


logo TMTTheMarketsTrust is an integrated solutions company, providing next-generation products for the financial industry together with expert consulting and solutions integration. TheMarketsTrust creates original solutions based on the latest technologies, taking from and contributing to the open-source community.

logo goopiGoopi offers a paradigm shift in video creation processes, separating the creative part of a video ad from its concrete message. This allows professional video designers to focus on templates creation, where their creativity and skills are invaluable, while the message owners need no special knowledge to simply add their desired texts, images and video clips and convey their targeted message at a fraction of the time and costs traditionally required.

logo wikiThe company purpose is the creation, validation and maintenance of a collaborative database (SaaS) providing all the data on chemical substances as generally required by industrial chemical.

logo skeedSkeed has been providing the cutting edge network technology product, like Silver
Bullet Suite based on its own patented technology called Skeed Silver Bullet Protocol (“SSBP”),  enabling faster, more efficient, reliable and secure data transfer and contents delivery for large files and bulk files including streaming.

logo qbaQBA Luxembourg is starting our venture with a product that will be hugely beneficial for the health care community, including both hospitals and medical schools, by eliminating their need to procure human bodies for anatomic education and surgical training.

logo pingvaluePingvalue is a social media platform on which users can learn, discover and create stories about activities they do and products they use on specific places, online and offline.

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