Lunch seminar – Be mindful, not mind-full!

Lux Future Lab » Lunch seminar – Be mindful, not mind-full!

January 14, 2014  from 12:30 to 14:00

Goals: – Experience a mindfulness practice  – Understand what mindfulness is about   – Mindfulness in the start-up and organizational world

Language: English

Speaker: Maurizio Cortesi is an independent trainer and coach. In his early career, he worked both in the private sector and in public administration. He then moved into research, where he investigated the effects of trust on individual and organizational performance. After various years in academia, he decided to go freelance in 2013, creating Zegtraining. He provides services to individuals, corporations and universities, supporting the development of personal and professional skills. In his coaching and workshops, he integrates the concepts and tools of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and mindfulness.

Venue: lux future lab, 5th floor “Salle de conférences”. Sandwiches will be provided.

RSVP before January 13 tolux future lab project manager [email protected]

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