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Helping drive Luxembourg’s economic growth,
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The lux future lab incubator hosts nearly 30 local and international startups. These early-stage companies profit from centrally located offices, extensive resources and a dynamic business environment.

Our members support the lab’s vision and goals by contributing to its activities, such as conferences, pitching sessions, trainings and occasional brainstorming.

Startups stay with us for an average of two years, though there is no set maximum. Their positive impact on the Luxembourgish economy is best illustrated by the 200+ jobs they have helped create thus far.

Application Process

Strength in Numbers

lux future lab operates on the basis of proactivity, cooperation, sharing and community.

All startups face growing pains, but members of our organization will not have to face them alone. Instead, they benefit from the insight of other member startups who have overcome similar challenges. Between the lab’s network of professional services, financial experts and fellow incubators, someone with an answer is always close at hand.

In this way, the members strengthen the community and in turn the community strengthens its individual members.

Diversity of Startups

While lux future lab has developed a natural penchant for FinTech, we value our diverse makeup. Our startups represent over 20 different fields, from financial services to gaming, from intellectual property to travel. Over the years, FinTech has become a highly represented sector.

We make sure that none of our members are entirely direct competitors. This diversity helps preserve our open culture and allow for truly uninhibited discussions and collaborations.

Sometimes all it takes to solve an ongoing issue is to see it from a new angle. A game developer and an IP expert have differing ways of seeing things. Therein lies the added value of a diverse, startup incubator.

Your office community will be full of variety, but you will all share the common passion of building a business from the ground up.

Internet Security

ICTK (ICTK Co., Ltd.) is a chip-based security solution and a global testing service provider. With a new-generation digital fingerprint called PUF, physicial unclonable function, it created the most secure and cost-effective way to provide security solution. This unclonable identification and encryption key is applicable to smart devices, cloud computing, smart grids, intelligent automobiles and many other IoT sectors for secure yet flexible designs. ICTK is also one of the leading smart card testing service and consulting labs for the last 16 years serving more than 200 clients worldwide, including manufacturers, banks and government agencies. ICTK has fully satisfied all of the specified standards required by EMVCo, Visa, JCB, Discover, Global Platform, NFC Forum and KOLAS (ISO/IEC 17025).


Westyle S.A is an innovative FinTech start-up specialized in integrated cross-channel e-wallet for European daily and traveling-to-Asia personal customers, and mobile gateway payment solution for European merchants and e-commerce. 

Algoreg offers an innovative Know Your Customer technology that is easy to implement, cost effective and fully customizable. We master the fast on-boarding of consumers, getting them ready to transact in few seconds. We are a trusted partner to the financial, gambling and e-commerce industries.

Budget Insight’s core business is banking data aggregation and wire transfer initiation. Thanks to our APIs, we can give the end customer the opportunity to benefit from a global view on all its accounts, in a simple and digital way. 

PayGate is a global leading cross-border online payment platform provider, based in Seoul, South Korea, founded in 1998. We serve about 3000 merchants with more than 100 Institutional partners worldwide and enables Payment, E-commerce, Remittance services across the regions. PayGate guarantees a secure online payment processing for international credit cards, and other types of payments through advanced, secure, reliable and cost-effective payment platform, called Seyfert.

ONPEX is a global provider of modular, white-label Payment- and Banking as a Service solutions. The Luxembourg-regulated financial institution and institutional SWIFT member focuses on improving the scope, automation, and efficiency of financial services and infrastructure. Thanks to the advanced solutions, businesses broaden their product range and reduce their expenditures while meeting highest standards in technology, regulation, and usability. This makes ONPEX a reliable partner of banks, fintechs, and ecommerce businesses all over the world.

At Data Essential, our mission is to enable customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, and native cloud infrastructure. We strongly believe that making complex data analytics open for every enterprise will make our life better by bringing more smart products and innovative services. We are a startup sourced by a mature team that delivers enablement, integration and support to help our customers succeed with their 3rd Platform projects. Data Essential also provided fully managed platforms, delivering instant access to production-ready solutions from our technology portfolio.

PingPong is an innovative payment facilitator that provides a specialized payment service for B2C e-commerce sellers based in China and Hong Kong. Their mission is to make cross-border e-commerce easy for Chinese sellers of all sizes. PingPong was founded to address one of the biggest pain points for those sellers : processing payments in a prompt, cost-effective and strictly compliant way. For small to medium-sized businesses that have difficulty obtaining foreign bank accounts, PingPong provides the optimal method for cross-border e-commerce sales repatriation. Since its official product launch in the US at the beginning of 2016, over 15,000 customers have registered for its US service, repatriating over $250 million in funds. PingPong recently opened its newest office at lux future lab and plans to launch its EU service in early 2017 for sellers in Europe's e-commerce marketplace.

Crosslend mission it to get the capital flowing in Europe by securitising single consumer and business loans thus transforming illiquid assets into tradable bonds/notes to allow both retail and institutional investors access to this asset class.

Manage-Your-Deal (MYD) gives access to exclusive and high-quality startup deals, offers confident investment alongside professionals, and monitors investors’ portfolios. MYD connects its exclusive network of companies, VCs and Business Angels to quality startups at all stages, from pre-seed to growth stage. Startups and investors are both assessed by MYD in the due diligence process. With the portfolio management tools, investors are able to oversee their portfolios using regular reporting, activity streams and document sharing via the Dashboard. Additionally, MYD stands out by providing investors with legal SPV setup for hassle-free investing. MYD’s method filters for quality and offers investors exclusive startup investment opportunities that no other platform can match.

SnapSwap builds innovative financial products that allow consumers and businesses to participate in the global economy by bringing down barriers such as cost, complexity and processing delays. SnapSwap employs the cutting-edge technologies of the emerging Internet of Value to foster financial inclusion and efficiency. SnapSwap is establishing a new standard of financial services, where financial transactions between peers and with merchants are handled as a communication rather than numbers on a balance sheet. Its products are friendly to developers worldwide, geared to promote financial inclusion and innovative business models.

Birdee wants to give the best of both worlds: the simplicity and availability of a savings account with a return that the best funds can generate. To do this Birdee has combined in a fully automated solution the algorithms deployed over the last years. The result is a very unique digital investment discretionary solution for all (individuals or banks). Birdee is a robo-advisor built as a client-centric service. It includes a social dimension by letting clients invest in themes that matter to them. It will guide investors through a simple and intuitive interface, with no jargon and no hidden fees.

SESAMm is an innovative FinTech startup founded in May 2014. SESAMm develops and commercializes stock market forecasting tools based on social media and other textual data sources. These products are used by banks and hedge funds. The company provides financial indicators created by using Big Data methods and allowing new approaches for trading strategies. SESAMm won 5 startup contests and the team is incubated both in France and in Luxembourg. SESAMm is an innovative startup with high growth potential. The company aims at providing a wide range of trading indicators and strategies based on the analysis of textual data.

EMP Corp is a dynamic FinTech and innovative payment company that provides solutions to process payments for all kind of merchants and e-merchants. The core Business is based on e-wallet and e-money. For EMP Corp e-money is the future of payment solutions.

KYC3 solves the headache of collecting researching, monitoring and Knowing Your Customers, Counterparts and Competition. Imagine your own army of analysts combing through all the news and relevant info all day and all night long...that's KYC3.KYC3's machine learning technology "reads" all the news and finds beneficial ownership facts,political exposure risk, and criminal/civil legal risk information like a human, but with a much better memory and a much bigger picture.

Social Media & Entertainment

Univize is an online platform that connects prospective university students with current university students so that prospective students can ask all their questions about studying at a particular university.How it works: Students create a profile on Univize where they include relevant information about themselves (e.g. nationality, languages spoken, interests, and sports). Prospective students can then search universities and programs from around the world and connect with current students who have registered at that university on Univize. Current students earn points based on the quality of their conversation with prospective students, which can then be used for various purposes.   

Kussbus :by Utopian Future Technologies SA is an affordable and sustainable, demand-­responsive passenger transportation service for commuters. It is a reliable, user-­oriented service bookable via mobile app, characterised by flexible routing and scheduling of shuttle buses. Kussbus operates in shared ride-­mode between ad­-hoc pick-­up and drop-­off locations. Shared ride-­mode means that optimisation-­algorithms will book several passengers heading into the same direction into one shared vehicle.  

DDG - Digital Devotion Group unites the best ventures within the digital sector under one umbrella. The group provides, amongst others, independent consulting services through digital experts, software and platforms for the digitisation of corporations and the public sector, as well as a hub with connected incubator for the networking of start-ups and established companies.Our companies create the best SMART Digital, Industry, and City applications including consultations by digital experts, individual software solutions, platforms and a campus hosting start-ups for disruptive technologies. Our unique know-how in VR/AR/MR enables us to persuade customers quickly and offer additional digital solutions. 

The Outdoor Journal is a print magazine, with true stories from adventurers and travelers all over the world. It is a website, with news from unreported regions and stories not told. It is videos, of adventures, and expeditions to places that still have room for first descents and ascents. It is events, bringing together communities of enthusiasts and believers. It is a reviews platform, enabling travelers to make better decisions about their next adventure. It is a global network of individuals who believe in something greater than their selves.

Seerus provides, based on satisfaction surveys, on a single dashboard a client management tool allowing you to: react quicker to negative reviews, monitor your team, share automatically reviews across the internet, benchmark your stats to the sector and run automated analysis helping you to improve your marketing campaigns. is offering websites a technological solution to enhance and personalize their users and customers experience. With, customer websites will be able to better their different KPIs by adapting their content in real-time according to every single visitors’ taste, personality and behavior. Every user should have a unique web experience!

Pictact is an additional service of Veltra, an online travel booking service, offering personalized photo sharing using GeoTag information to stimulate the market by engaging younger generation.

Pingvalue is a social intelligence platform. The platform connects people, products, stores, and brands both in the physical and digital world. It provides people with the opportunity to create own content which expresses personal tastes, to connect with similar users, and to find interesting products and places around them.

ICT & Big Data Management

Businesses are standardizing on using Internet browsers as an interface for workers with both internal and external information systems. Human-operated processes are flexible and quick to implement but expensive to scale. Automated processes with custom developments are expensive and slow to implement but do scale. Our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solution gives you the best of both worlds: speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Globally it is the unique solution that can reliably automate any process on a browser over time.

Nektria has launched RECShipping: the world's 1st SaaS allowing e-shoppers to choose when to receive their online purchase goods at a variable price that fluctuates depending on logistical efficiencies (demand-side), while also optimising delivery routes for carriers (supply side).Nektria’s products focus on developing SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for optimizing fleet management, cost-effective delivery, dynamic pricing and increasing customer satisfaction. Nektria aims at becoming the new gold standard for last mile delivery management.

At Motion-S we build flexible, intuitive & intelligent telematics solutions to make your driving experience smarter, safer and more efficient. Motion-S is a spin-off of the SnT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust) of the University of Luxembourg. As a first product, Motion-S has integrated its technology in “Game of Roads”, a driver profiling mobile application distributed by Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg. Motion-S target markets are car insurance telematics, fleet management and automotive industry.

ICT & Real Estate

Jbit develops smart home software for the real estate market.  We believe that the key to giving home owners a great user experience when using smart home technologies is to develop software that considers the symbiosis between architecture, IOT sensors and software that evolves with the home owners’ needs and wants.

Houser gives real-estate agents access to a privileged information network with tools and real-time analytics to make faster sales for better prices. Agents can review their performance against the market, enhance customer trust and gain market insights to stay a step ahead of the competition.


TAGsparency brings an innovative and integrated solution to support traceability and transparency in the food system while making it a rewarding activity for all actors in the food chain. The solution is proposed to Consumers, Producers, and Retailers in the form of a mobile application and Softwares as a Service (SaaS). It uses a smart combination of QR-codes, Blockchains, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (GreyCat) to increase transparency and food safety while bringing an unprecedented level of trust.

Petit Bambou is a leading mindfulness meditation app in Continental Europe with 380 000 users (individuals or companies). This mobile service is helping you to practice meditation regularly with helpful features and accessible & motivating content (270+ lessons with audio & video) on various themes (work, stress, serenity, let go, mindful eating, Petit BamBou Kids, positive parenting…). With a strong community of 850 000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, you can develop positive habits and book time for yourself anywhere anytime : 10 minutes of meditation per day is sufficient!

LuxAI is a spin-off from the University of Luxembourg. The company specializes in disruptive robotic solutions for education, health-care and entertainment, using the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Socially assistive and user-friendly robots enable teachers, therapists and care givers to use advanced robots for their everyday work. The first product – QT – is a humanoid robot with the size of a four-year-old child with a wide variety of facial expressions and body gestures engaging people in social interactions. The disruptive AI-based software technology allows to instantly program the robot in line with the unique needs of each individual.

Black Swan Lux Sàrl is a high-tech spin-off of the University of Luxembourg, active in the field of predictive analytics and anomaly detection. Following more than 10 years of academic research in the field, the founders have developed a state-of-the-art algorithm that allows real time analytics of continuous biometric sensor data, processed locally, on wearable devices. No more need for tedious post factum analysis of statistics, as is the case with existing solutions. Instead, Black Swan Lux allows on the fly analysis of personal biometric data including automatic status recognition and alerts based on pattern and anomaly detection. The goal of the company is to develop tailored anomaly detection solutions for people in high risk situations, such as rescue workers, elderly people living at home, extreme sportsmen and women.