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Application Process

Olivier Selis, CFA
CEO lux future lab
Tel: +352 4242 3877 | Mobile +352 621 146 352
Email : [email protected]

Company Snapshot

What is the purpose of your venture: WHY do you exist? WHAT do you do, WHO do you do it for and HOW?

What do you want to achieve in the future?

Company Profile

What is your product or service?

What value do you deliver to the customer? Which one of your customer’s problems are you helping to solve? Which customer needs are you satisfying?

What are the most important actions the company must take to operate successfully and make the business model work?

What are the most important assets required to make the business model work? (e.g. financial, human, intellectual, physical)?

Who are your key partners and suppliers? Which Key Resources are acquired through partners? Which Key Activities do partners perform?

For whom are you creating value? Who are your most important customers?

What type of relationship does each of your Customer Segments expect you to establish and maintain with them (personal assistance, self-service, automated service, co-creation, communities, etc.)?

Through which channels and how do you want to reach your Customer Segments (sales force, web sales, own stores, partner stores, wholesaler, etc.)?

Which business units, product/service lines generate income? Where does the major revenue come from?

What are the major costs inherent in your business model?


Who or what are the existing and potential competitive alternatives to your solution?

What is the source of your competitive edge (cost structure, differentiated advantage)? What differentiates you from the current market’s offer? How will you gain, sustain and grow a market position?


Who are the members of the team? Where are they located?

What are the core competences of the team members? Are their skills complementary? How is their background relevant to the project?

Which of the team members will commit to working exclusively on this project in the rented premises?

Did you expect to recruit people over the next 12 month? How many people? In which country?

Development, technology and intellectual property

What is the current development stage of your company? Are you products or services already available to the market? Or when have you planned the Go-to-Market?

How is your company funded currently? (Founders, family and friends, business angels, strategic partnerships, venture capital, etc.)

Do you intend to raise capital over the next 12 month? Have you applied or do you intend to apply for local and/or international financing measures and programs (i.e. Luxinnovation, etc…)?

In which way are you innovative? (Technology, business model, process, etc….)

Can your innovation be protected?

Application details

How much workspace or desks you need now and for the next 12 months?

When would you like to move in?

You would like to have advice / support with the following?

Banking Services

Are you and your team willing to participate actively in the lux future lab activities to promote cooperation and learning?

How does being hosted at the lux future lab influence your ability to succeed? What will be your benefits from it?

How did you hear about the lux future lab?

Have you participated in an incubator in the past?

If yes, in which country?

Supporting Documents

You can upload your supporting documents here. (Max total size: 5Mb)

Please include with your file all supporting documents:
  • Business Plan (summary, market & competitors analysis, financials, marketing & sales plan, etc.)
  • Presentation
  • Team members’ curriculums
Note: if you have a lot of files to include, please consider uploading a zip archive.
If your supporting documents are bigger than 5Mb in total, you can use a third-party file-transfer service such as and send a separate email to info (at)

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Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the lux future lab Incubator.
Request for a business plan and attendance at an interview does not guarantee acceptance into the lux future lab Incubator.
NB: All information, data and documents will be treated as strictly confidential. Nevertheless, neither the lux future lab, property of BGL BNP Paribas, nor BGL BNP Paribas will be held liable if any information, data and/or documents may be revealed.