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Innovation welcome!

lux-future-lab-application-processWant to join the lux future lab incubator? We’re always on the lookout for promising individuals with innovative ideas.

Whether high school students, recent graduates, professionals or skilled individuals, we want to give them the boost they need to reach the next phase of their journeys.

Who should apply to join the lux future lab incubator?

Individual entrepreneursworking with a defined business model
& ready to incorporate

Incorporated startupswith innovative ideas in the early stages of development

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Selection Criteria

  • Willingness to contribute to lux future lab vision & mission: the most important requirement, this means participating in lab activities, sharing contacts & bootstrapping along with other members
  • Project’s degree of innovation: an original business proposition including a technological, digital or creative component
  • Professional experience & know-how: applicant possesses proven knowledge of chosen field & business practices, important commitment and local presence from founders/management team
  • Development stage: the start-up possesses at least a proof-of-concept, or even a minimum viable product. A scale-up with proven traction or early revenue is a also eligible
  • Financial means: proof of adequate capital to keep business running for 12 months, or at least the means to cover office lease & personal living expenses

Why Join?

Required documents to join include an application form, business plan and the founder’s CV. In the case of a social business, impact on social issues will carry as much weight during evaluations as its economic model.

Please note that your core business must comply with the BNP Paribas Group’s corporate social responsibility and general Know Your Customer standards.

The application will first be screened by the lux future lab manager who may request a meeting. Candidates may then be invited to pitch to an Acceptance Committee (CEO, lux future lab project Manager, relevant specialists).

Final acceptance decisions are usually communicated within a week of that meeting.