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Smart Security Week Awards 2016 Winners
IBM, ICTK, Safelayer and STMicrolectronics

All 3 Winners ICTK Award
ICTK Award

lux future lab is pleased to announce that ICTK, startup of lux future lab, is one of the four winners of the Smart Security Week Awards 2016.

Four Awards have recognized four promising innovative applications and services in trusted technologies:
– The Smart Security Week Award for Digital Identity/Hardware ID Security was presented to IL102 (GIANT II) with NFC function by ICTK (South Korea)
– The Smart Security Week Award for Digital Identity/Mobile ID Security was presented to Safelayer Mobile ID by Safelayer (Spain)
– The Smart Security Week Award for M2M-IoT Security was presented to STSAFE-A100 by STMicroelectronics Secure Microcontroller Division (France)
– The Smart Security Week Award for Security Analytics was presented to AccessHUB by IBM (USA)

The smart security week took place in Marseilles, France  from September 26-28. More information about the event can be found here: www.smartsecurityweek.com

ictkMore about ICTK
ICTK is a chip-based security solution and a global testing service provider. With a new-generation digital fingerprint called PUF, physical unclonable function, it created the most secure and cost-effective way to provide security solution. The VIA PUF Authenticator, IL005 (GIANT) from ICTK, Korea is the worlds’ first commercial product available in mass production based on VIA PUF technology. ICTK developed IL102 (GIANT II) with the contactless authenticator which comes with NFC communication function for the non-electronic products and digital identity. It gives excellent features for anti-counterfeiting, and preventing from night-shifting. Its system also supports collecting big data from consumers for using marketing activities. Its product roadmap shows to move into significant application fields, including FinTech, and Smartcard which are essential for the highest security of digital identity.

ICTK VIA PUF introduction: https://youtu.be/_LoARlnU4yA

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