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Congratulations to ICTK!ictk

Their PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) project has been selected as a member of the Hello Tomorrow Top 500 Worldwide.

The Top 500 startups were selected by a rigorous panel of industry experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, who reviewed over 3,000 applications to select the startup projects that have the most potential. From this extremely competitive list, ICTK has been selected.

PUF is a new-generation digital fingerprint, which is a physicial unclonable function and the most secure and cost-effective way to provide security solution. This unclonable identification and encryption key is applicable to smart devices, cloud computing, smart grids, intelligent automobiles and many other IoT sectors for secure yet flexible designs.


What is Hello Tomorrow?
Hello Tomorrow is the world’s leading nonprofit to accelerate science and tech entrepreneurship.
Their mission is to catalyze the intersection of top researchers, entrepreneurs, industry
experts and financiers to build the next generation of companies that can really solve humanity’s
big challenges. The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is the world’s biggest early-stage startup competition for
science and deep technology startups. Each year, they identify the Top 500 best projects of the
Challenge to attend the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris, an invite only-event bringing together
the people that will change the world using science and technology around top investors in each
sector, industrial leaders (Airbus, Google[x], IBM, Roche, Air Liquide, Cisco,etc.), international
media (Bloomberg, BBC, Wired, etc.) and influencers (in 2015, CTO of IBM, NASA, Google[
x], CEO of Hyperloop).

lux future lab team wishes ICTK all the best at the global Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris on Oct 13-14th, 2016.


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