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luxembourg internet days 2016

Over the years, the Luxembourg Internet Days have become a key event for ICT professionals. Besides top-quality speakers, relevant subjects are addressed. Participants from Luxembourg, travelling from the Greater Region as well as from across the globe get attracted to network and to learn. In 2016, the Luxembourg Internet Days will focus on two major subjects: the Internet of Things (IoT), which will address M2M-related problems together with Big Data challenges, and Blockchain, mainly known in the FinTech sector but whose applications are also to be found in other domains. In addition, a broad range of workshops specifically dedicated to start-ups will run in parallel to the conferences on the above subjects. The 2016 edition of the Luxembourg Internet Days will be rich in outstanding conferences and will focus even more on interactivity, with many round tables. Moreover, as always, the event will include an Exhibition to promote productive, high-quality exchanges.

22nd November: ICTK discussing IoT Security

ictk at internet dayslux future lab’s startup, ICTK is one of the panel guests at the Internet Days on November 22d happening at the Chamber of Commerce. ICTK’s COO, Justin LEE is a panel guest and will discuss the IoT Security issue together with other CEO’s from TESLA, Microsoft and Vodafone.

Panel 1 – November 22, 2016 @ 10:45am-11:30am
“Barbarians at the Gate. Regulating IoT’s Fast Track to Success…or Disaster”

Panel members:
1. Justin LEE (ICTK)
2. An DePauw (TESLA)
3. Candi CARRERA (Microsoft)
4. Warrick CRAMER (Vodafone)
5. Claus CRAMON (Cavalery)
7. Stan Beeks (VYZVoice)

The topic of the panel addresses the question of regulating the ever growing IoT world – IoT meaning here “Internet of Things” but also “Industry of Things” referring to Industry 4.0. Regulatory aspects cover not only protection of privacy – in relation to all the “smart” uses of IoT – but also aspects of liability of the human relying more and more on the machine, even on the decision-making side.

23rd November: Snap Swap on Blockchain

logoPanel 1 – November 23, 2016 @ 03:45pm – 04:30pm
“From “A” like “Art” to “Z” like “Zoo”: Where will Blockchain Stop: at Your Doorstep, in Your Bank Vault or in Your Bathroom?”

Panel discussion:
1. Denis KISELEV, CEO of SnapSwap International
2. Laurent KRATZ, Co-founder of Scorechain & CEO of Neofacto
3. Joseph LUBIN, Founder of Consensys
4. Marc MOUTON, Partner at Arendt & Medernach
5. Dirk AVAU, Founder & CEO of IntellectEU

Moderator:Chris MARCILLA & Jean-Phillipe BOEVER

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