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How Blockchain will impact the banking industry?

Our first FinTech conference presents Snap Swap the company that received the very first bit-license in Europe with Denis Kiselev, its CEO and Founder as well as Michael Jackson from Mangrove who will discuss the big issue of the blockchain technology.
Faster transactions, cheaper operations, secure data protection… Blockchain is revolutionizing the banking industry. But what does it mean? Who are the actors? Who are the driving forces? How will it impact the existing market leaders? Where will disruption hit first?

Introduction by Karin Schintgen, CEO of lux future lab
Presentation by Michael Jackson, Parnter of Mangrove Capital Partners

Presentation by Denis Kiselev, CEO & Founder Snap Swap
Q & A


More about the speakers:

Denis Kiselev is the CEO and Founder of Snap Swap International. Denis is an US educated banker and entrepreneur who has held executive positions at the World Bank (Washington, D.C) and at the Central Bank of Russia (Moscow). Snap Swap has been granted the first bitLicence in Europe thus enabling the company to offer offer payments, remittances, and currency exchange services utilizing modern cryptographic technologies, crypto-currencies and internet protocols, such as blockchain and open ledger consensus.

Michael Jackson is an investor and technologist based in Luxembourg. Formerly Chief Operating Officer at Skype, Michael Jackson is a General Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners. Having led the Regulatory aspects of Skype concerning the transition of telecommunications to Peer to Peer models on the net, the natural next step is virtual money. Here both legislation and product need to adopt to fit the new world. Michael participates in various Bitcoin regulatory forums. In July 2015, Michael Jackson became President of Blockchain.


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