FinTech Investors day 2016

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On June 9, 2016, 12 selected FinTech startups took the podium in an attempt to win over a room full of international investors, peers and industry experts.

The event, a joint effort between lux future lab and EBAN E-Xcelerator, welcomed over 100 attendees. Mature FinTech startups traveled from the UK, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and from lux future lab, just down the road, for the opportunity to garner funding.

They were looking together for investments of > € 30 million


More details on the startups :

almaxAlmax Analtytics is articifical intelligence for capital markets. It is ssolving the problem of information overload for capital market practitioners and delivers actionable insights by putting the content of news into context and running deep analysis across the entire network of affected companies. The technology is easily accessed and deployed through a Web-based platform and is subscription based.

contact: Balazs KLEMM [email protected] (+491 628 362 840)


Birdee logoBirdee provides simplicity and availability of a savings account with a return that only the best funds can generate. To do this Birdee has created a fully automated solution using the algorithms deployed over the past years. The result is a highly unique digital discretionary investment solution for everyone (individuals or banks). Birdee is a robo-advisor built to provide client-centric service. It includes a social dimension by letting clients invest in themes that matter to them.

contact: Frédérique BEGUIN [email protected] (+32 472 26 41 38)


emp_logoEMP Corp provides solutions to process payments for all kind of merchants and e-merchants. Its core Business is based on E-wallet and E-money. The company develops a number of interesting supports, such as innovative E-wallet to process credit card for E-Merchant, Mastercard prepaid and reloadable card with services, prepaid voucher to buy on Internet and payment solution on smartphone for BtoB and CtoC. For EMP Corp E-money is the future of payment solutions.

contact: Gilles MORO [email protected]


governanceIO2Gears is the creators of, an effortless oversight and control for Investment Fund Professionals. gives Management Companies, Depositaries and Directors a complete view of their fund structures and their control framework. It offers a central data repository plus powerful document and workflow management, cash monitoring, reporting and 3rd party due diligence functionalities. The data structure is completely customizable and the system is extremely easy to operate and navigate.

contact: Bert BOERMAN [email protected] (+352 621 490 720)


investifyinvestify makes investing simply feeling right. It provides a fully digital investment management service that strictly focuses on the experienced service quality. It takes into account the amount of risk the customer wants to take, the contact frequency between costumer and investor and the personal mix of investment themes the customer wishes to have. On top of these qualities, investify assures fast and efficient digital processes, web and mobile apps, immediate digital communication, best of class UX, transparency and predictable fair fees.

contact: Sebastian HASENACK [email protected]


invoice_exchInvoice Exchange is the first organized marketplace for B2B receivables and operates on the same basic principles as other established financial exchanges worldwide. It allows SMEs to easily monetize their account receivable by selling them to financial investors through a secure, auction based exchange. The IT architecture of the product closely resembles organized exchanges / multilateral trading facility (MTFs) for trading financial instruments. Selling business accounts receivable has never been easier.

contact: Marko RANT [email protected]


KYC3 logoKYC3 solves the headache of researching and monitoring your customers, counterparts and competition. Imagine your own army of analysts combing through all news and relevant info around the clock every single day… that’s KYC3. KYC3’s machine learning technology “reads” all of the news and finds crucial information about ownership, political, exposure risk and legal risk like a human would, but with a much better memory and a more complete picture.

contact: Veranika RAMANOUSKAYA [email protected]


motion-s_logoMotion-S builds flexible, intuitive and intelligent telematic solutions to make your driving experience smarter, safer and more efficient. As a first product, Motion-S has integrated its technology to create “Game of Roads,” a driver profiling mobile application distributed by Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg. Motion-S target markets are car insurance telematics, fleet management and the automotive industry.

contact: Raphael FRANK [email protected]


PayCash_LogoPayCash strives to become the leading provider for electronic payment solutions. The platform offers mobile payments, an E-Money Solution to manage E-Money, a Crypto Currency Solution to implement virtual currencies into the existing payment infrastructure and a Voucher & Loyalty Solution to provide targeted offerings to customers. Businesses are able to process high value-added payments in the most convenient way without time and place limitations.

contact: Juergen WOLFF [email protected]


scorechainScorechain is the missing link between innovative decentralized technologies and the regulated world of businesses. It develops analytics and tools for the Bitcoin eco-system’ needs, offers ready-to-use solutions to fulfil regulatory requirements and builds big data and business intelligence for Bitcoin & Blockchain technology. Scorechain aims to become Moody’s for the Bitcoin and in the future for any digital asset.

contact: Pierre GERARD [email protected]


snapswapSnapSwap builds innovative financial products that allow consumers and businesses to participate in the global economy by bringing down barriers such as cost, complexity and processing delays. One of their products, Gloneta, is a free way to send money to people internationally, from one currency to another. It works like a messenger app, where people can chat — and now can send money in their messages.

contact: Denis KISELEV [email protected]


fonmoneyFonmoney is an international digital payment and remittance provider to migrants in Central Europe and SME in Central and Eastern Europe. Fonmoney offers three services to its clients: 1) transferring top-up to recharge mobile credits of a person in a foreign country; 2) transferring funds from a sender to a receiver’s bank account and 3) transferring money to a mobile – wallet. It is devoted on being the best service by focusing on localization, easy onboarding, AI-detection and hedging capabilities.

contact: Mirko KINIGADNER [email protected]