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With shared knowledge, the whole is stronger than its parts.

As part of a talented and motivated entrepreneurial community, we benefit from shared knowledge and expertise.

Contributing to and being a part of that community makes lux future lab stronger and better positioned to support its startups.

Our participants, partners and network members interact regularly, contributing to the development of one another’s innovative ideas, helping attract talent and strengthening relationships.

Community Members

Fellow incubators
Public institutions

United for Growth

What brings these organizations and institutions together? We are united in the belief that when entrepreneurs succeed we all win.

We work with local incubators when assessing where a startup should be placed, based on each incubator’s unique focus.

New businesses are the building blocks of Luxembourg’s economy and the key to continued growth. By giving them the boost they need we are making a wise investment in the country’s future, transforming it into something that we can all look forward to with optimism.

Luxembourg Ecosystem

Pooled Resources

By pooling resources with our partners, we are able to offer a wide range of training and mentorship opportunities. In addition, we draw upon our network to share their useful know-how and experience with our entrepreneurs.

What we ask for in return is that participants actively contribute ideas and initiatives to help improve the lux future lab community.

For this reason, preserving a culture of cooperation and shared learning among our members is fundamental to our success.

Our Startups