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Impacting social & economic change



lux future lab’s goal is to positively impact the social and economic dynamics of Luxembourg.

It is our belief that the root of positive change lies first and foremost with education and entrepreneurship. By fostering the innovative ideas of some of the region’s brightest minds we turn potential into lasting economic change.

“Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship.
It drives everything: job creation, poverty alleviation, innovation.”
– Elliott Bisnow, Founder Summit


We encourage individuals at the crossroads of their professional development to improve their skills and move forward with their entrepreneurial ideas. To support their growth, we provide facilities, educational resources, professional services and networking opportunities.

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, the lab promotes the advancement of business expertise, education and projects in an interactive and dynamic environment.

The road to success can be a challenging one. By addressing immediate and longterm needs, we make the ride as smooth and quick as possible.


We support three target groups during critical moments in their development:
1. Students on the verge of choosing their future career paths: Summer School
2. Startups seeking to set up their companies: Incubator
3. Employees wanting to become independent & launch a company: Intrapreneurship Program


lux future lab has two platforms:
– An incubator for entrepreneurs
– Training with dedicated programs for each core target group


Olivier Selis, CEO lux future lab
Emmanuelle Humann, Manager, Summer School & Intrapreneurship
Catherine Wurth, Communications Manager
Martine Leseigne, Event Manager
Viviane Lecler, Receptionist


In 2010, BGL BNP Paribas created an internal think tank to define what it means for a large financial group to be a “good corporate citizen.” It quickly became clear that this role could not be confined to traditional philanthropic donations. A more direct and tangible economic impact was crucial.

Since 2008, the banking world had faced serious challenges. New technologies were emerging and globalization was a reality. In those sessions we asked ourselves: What can we do? What is our primary responsibility? How do we address the challenges we face?

We ultimately decided to go back to our roots, our raison d’être: supporting the economy. To have a CSR initiative with a positive social and economic impact, we would need to focus our energy on education and entrepreneurship.

Monetary giving alone wouldn’t cut it. We had to roll up our sleeves and create a physical space to actively support entrepreneurship. lux future lab was officially launched in 2012 as part of BNP Paribas’s new approach to corporate social and economic responsibility.

In true pioneering spirit, it became the first bank in Europe to ever establish an incubator. Backed by the Group’s financial insight, local knowledge and international resources, lux future lab was perfectly situated to give Luxembourg’s startup scene a boost and cultivate real change.

The lab would become a hub of innovation where startups and entrepreneurs could flourish, boosting the entrepreneurial spirit of both young and old.