CrossLend's Pivot:

Lending Platform to Lending Revolution

How one company is tackling Europe's credit crunch

In 2014, physicist Oliver Schimek set out to develop a cross-border, peer-to-peer lending platform for private investors to access consumer loans. At least, that was the plan.

He recognized a harmful trend developing in the post-crisis climate: increased regulatory restrictions that limited the lending capacity of banks. 

“Regulators created more incentives for banks to shrink their balance sheets in an attempt to make them safer, but banks with smaller balance sheets can lend less money,” explained Schimek, Cofounder and Co-CEO of CrossLend. “Our initial reasoning was that we needed an alternative to this suboptimal system, which we thought would be our lending platform.”

Add rising equity requirements to the mix and some banks find themselves with no choice but to reject perfectly acceptable clients due to balance sheet restrictions. In this scenario, borrowers would then turn to peer-to-peer lending for help.

The idea — Europe’s first and only cross-border lending platform — proved solid, gaining traction and investor support.

What if, though, they could solve the root of the problem rather than alleviate a symptom? What if those customers were never rejected in the first place? With questions like these, the CrossLend of today began taking shape...

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Improving online user experience with a fresh take on website personalization

Young startup has changed the way companies interact with their customers thanks to a brand new kind of personalization. Our online tool lets websites customize their designs and content in real time to match each user’s tastes, interests, personality, physical appearance, handicaps — such as color blindness — and many other criteria. 

We use an original method of data mining: a mix of high-end algorithms, artificial intelligence and tracking technologies, making the service particularly powerful and easy to use. Do not mistake us for Big Brother though! wants to change today’s digital marketing, so we heavily prioritize user privacy and protection. Every visitor will be able to view and manage collected data, and no nominative information will ever be requested.

Easy to use and install, will push website responsiveness to its highest potential. Users will be heard, find content that is adapted to them and have a better global experience.


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Mar. 9, FinTechMeets #4: Gamification

Dominique Mangiatori, Royal App Force Founder & CEO, & Raphael Frank, Motion-S Founder & COO, will share their unique insights at the Gamification in Digital Finance conference, the fourth edition of the popular lunchtime FinTechMeets REGISTER!



Jan. 20, Fuse Seminar: Company Creation

A two-day seminar instructing participants on the ins and outs of designing, setting up & financing a company, such as acquiring a permit & selecting a legal structure

Feb. 3, Timequest: Beat-the-Box Challenge

A fun afternoon team-building & problem-solving workshop that had members working together to solve a series of tasks & finished with drinks & networking 

Feb. 9, Pleased2MeetU: EYnovation

An introduction to EYnovation & the programs it offers to assist startups & fast-growing businesses, including access to events, networks, back-office support & experts

Feb. 17-19, Global Service Jam

A hands-on weekend where participants learned tactics for developing concrete ideas and designs. Teams had 48 hours to develop a new service based on a shared theme


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Talkwalker Opens San Francisco Office

February 15; Talkwalker and its leading social media analytics platform have arrived on the West Coast just two years after opening their first US office in New York. Its San Francisco location places them in good company with tech giants like Twitter and Mozilla right next door. A €5 million investment from Main Capital Partners makes this expansion possible. 

SESAMm Prepares for Next Fundraising Round

February 19; In its upcoming round of fundraising, set to close between May and June 2017, SESAMm seeks €1.5 million. Discussions with interested venture capital parties, located mainly in Paris, have already begun. 

SnapSwap Selected as Startup World Cup Regional Finalist

February 24; The Startup World Cup, which brings together high-tech startups, VC, entrepreneurs and CEOs, chose SnapSwap as one of 10 finalists from across Europe. The winner, to be announced on March 8, will advance to the Grand Finale in San Francisco and vie for a $1 million investment. Fenox Venture Capital organized the competition, the first of its kind in Europe.


Luxinnovation Launches Cluster Catalogue

February 14; Luxinnovation's new, online Cluster Catalogue, which showcases the sectors present in Luxembourg, is live and available to the public. The search-engine platform presents companies that fall under EcoInnovation, BioHealth, Manufacturing, Space and Automotive clusters. Users can browse the catalogue to identify sector partners, learn about the country's industries, pinpoint specific know-how and more.

FinTechStage Luxembourg Around the Corner

March 1; Due to the successful first edition of the FinTechStage Luxembourg event held one year ago, Luxembourg for Finance is hosting a second one, organized in conjunction with FinTechStage and Digital Letzebuerg. Topics span from AI to privacy to RegTech. 

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