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BGL BNP Paribas participated for the first time in the International Hackathon organised by the BNP Paribas worldwide group, which took place simultaneously in Luxembourg, Paris, San Francisco, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Istanbul, Warsaw, Singapore and Nanjhing, between 9 and 11 June 2017.

The Hackathon aimed to bring together startups, collaborators and stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem to design solutions for the bank’s clients in a limited time and to stimulate innovation on both sides with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience in banking and insurance.

10 startups among which 4 are hosted by the lux future lab, competed over the weekend in Luxembourg to qualify for the finals in Paris in December. The first Hackathon organized by BGL BNP Paribas was a tremendous success. More than 60 employees from the bank mobilized and volunteered as experts, mentors and coaches in the the development of the startups innovative customer solutions during the weekend.

The competing startups were:

  1. Velocity 

Ivan Jacobs

“With H³, we are able to create custom deep learning algorithms within days and help corporations make sense and gain deep insights from their huge amount of data.“

  1. Quantstore 

Peter van Kleef

““One-stop-shop” for anyone who rapidly wants to launch robust, first-class Fintech apps and digital investment solutions for their clients.“

  1. Trust1Team 

Thibaut Delhaye

“We are focusing on usability and security with a fine touch of legally binding: Cancelling all complexity of secure connection through the browsers and native application to reach API’s.”

  1. Seerus 

Lienart Quentin:

“A client management tool to monitor satisfaction surveys & to run automated analysis for improved marketing campaigns.“

  1. BudgetInsight 

Romain Bignon

“Editeur spécialisé dans l’agrégation de données bancaires et patrimoniales ; Nous souhaitons être l’acteur européen principal des APIs bancaires“.

  1. Snapswap 

Denis Kiselev

“SnapSwap offers Remote Onboarding, an automated solution that replaces manual processes with precise technologies satisfying highest standards of security.”

  1. Materia

Edouard Nollet

« Materia is an intelligent robot that helps bank customers to finance their life projects in appropriate, smart and gamified engagements.”

  1. Tetrao

Christian Gillot

“Automate processes online thanks to our Robotic Cognitive Automation technology that simulates the behavior of a human using a computer.”

  1. KYC1

Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux

“Making the KYC journey easy and seamless for companies and their customers.”

  1. Savebee

Jerry Wagner :

“SaveBee is surprisingly simple : Consumers contribute to their own private provision by making purchases through SaveBee’s commercial partners .“

The Luxembourg team faced two challenges. In one, they needed to imagine a true digital user experience to achieve a life project, an end-user solution that is not product-oriented. And for the second, they needed to imagine additional services that BGL BNP Paribas could offer its clients, including non-banking services.

At the end of the two days, in Luxembourg, a jury composed of top managers of the Group in Luxembourg and external candidates select the winning startup who received a cash prize as well as access to ten weeks of co-working to convert their work into a viable product, which they will present in Paris during the Demo Day on 1 December. They will then compete with the winners of the other participating countries.

This year’s winners are:


  1. Tetrao

The startup is specialized in Internet intelligent process automation. Its mission is enabling connections between people and businesses radically faster in an efficient and cost-effective way.

  1. SnapSwap

Snapswap’s mission is to build innovative financial products that allow consumers and businesses to participate in the global economy by bringing down barriers such as cost, complexity, and processing delays.

  1. Budget Insight

The startup offers an AIS (Account Information Service) that allows its clients to connect their applications to the bank of their users. Budget Insight also offers a PFM solution (Personal Finance Management App) for banks and insurance companies.

The Demo Day finalists will receive a prize and the opportunity to meet top executives of the BNP Paribas Group.

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