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On March 9th, FinTechMeets#4 presented: 

Gamification in Digital Finance: Fun ways to engage customers


Our speakers were Dominique Mangiatordi, Founder and CEO of Royal App Force and Raphael Frank, Co-Founder and COO of Motion-S.

Beside being a current trendy topic, Gamification will have an increased impact on which applications and services will receive the customer’s attention and be used. Games are more than only fun. Their implementation will form a competitive edge in the midst of a highly and augmented digitalized future.

With the following presentations Dominique Mangiatordi provides us with innovative insights on gamification in the context of digitalisation in the financial industry.

As usual a concrete business case follows, this time given by Raphael Frank on how Motion-S used gamification practices in collaboration with insurance companies to collect data on the users’ driving style.

Both presentations also give us a broader perspective on:

  • How to both attract and retain customers through gamification in digital finance;
  • How to integrate playful applications that enhance customer buy-in;
  • What concrete gamification tools already exist.

If you missed both presentations feel free to watch them on the lux future lab youtube channel and no better time to subscribe than now.

Dominique Mangiatordi, founder and CEO of Royal App Force (a start-up specialized in mobile solutions), has over sixteen years of experience in advertising, emarketing and information technology fields, specializing first in web marketing and development, lead generation and then in mobile developments. He is well-experienced in gamification and deeply convinced by the power of gamification in the professional world. He wrote a book on this topic “Managers, faites vos jeux” to share his experience and encourage Managers to play within the company and with the customers. Dominique is also Gamification teacher at HEC Liège at Solvay Business School in Bruxelles.

Raphael Frank, fco-ounder and COO of Motion-S, received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg and was visitor scholar at the University of Califonria in Los Angeles. He co-founded Motion-S telematics, the first spin-off company of the University of Luxembourg. the startup offers smartphone-based telematic solutions for usage-based insurance and fleet management. With “Game of Roads” Raphael and his team have developed a programme that allows a mobile phone to collect information about the style of driving. The less risky the driving style, the more points the driver earns in the game, and the higher he climbs in the rankings, where he can compare his results with those of other players of the game. Motion-S is hosted at lux future lab.


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